“My name is Carly Tomlin. I am in the ABSN program. I am supposed to graduate in December of 2023. 

“I think the quality of education is quite intense, and it is everything that you need it to be in order to be a good nurse.

“Everything is done with a purpose and you feel that you're doing everything that you need to to learn everything for the NCLEX and be a good nurse.

“You invest into your future when you join this program and so that's how you’ve got to look at this one and a half years is that you're bettering your future.

“What was most appealing is that there was an online portion of it. Then you could do it from just about anywhere, and it means that we have a family that is even outside of the Rockhurst in Kansas City location. So now we have connections all over the United States which we didn't have before, so that's really nice.

“I think challenging aspects of nursing go far beyond nursing school. To be able to challenge yourself here and prove to yourself that you can do it means that you can accept the challenges as a nurse and learn what you're capable of.

“In 2011, I was in a pretty serious car accident where I fractured my neck in three places and I spent a lot of time in the hospital. There, it was really the nurses that spent a lot of time with you and made a difference in a very tragic and hard situation. Not only did they focus on healing the person but they focused on just more of how you were doing and what they could do to help. So I want to do the same for someone else.”