“My name is Daley Sullivan. I'm in the ABSN program at Rockhurst, and I'm expected to graduate December 2023.  

“There's just something so special about taking care of other people. And for me personally, it makes me feel very fulfilled and like I have a purpose.  

“And there's really nothing greater than caring for somebody and helping them improve their quality of life, and so I decided this is a perfect program for me. 

“It's sixteen months, that gets me right in. The quality of our professors is top-tier, and they're all like willing to help. They all are encouraging us to go to their office hours, ask more questions, email them. They're always there for us. 

“And as far as the online process has gone, it's been really smoothly. We have modules each week that we go through. So, you know, you're kind of like checking those things off as you go. 

“You're going to face challenges along the way, but I believe that Rockhurst will definitely prepare me for those challenges. Taking care of each patient like it was your daughter, your son, like yourself, just making an impact and improving everyone's life.”