“My name is Cathy Kerns, and I'm in the FNP Program at Rockhurst University.

“I looked at many programs. The things that really stood out for me Rockhurst is very prestigious. They match you with your clinical sites. So that's something that took a lot of stress and pressure off of me.

“I do feel very supported through Rockhurst. Rockhurst has your student adviser, which is in constant communication with you. They call and check on you. ‘Are you doing okay? Do you have concerns?’ I love that. They are always there for me. They give me great feedback.

“The online campus immersion has been a fantastic experience. Everything just comes together. Everything is hands-on. I don't feel intimidated. I feel that I can admit I don't know, and they'll help me find that answer.

“I feel like it's very well-structured. It's very well-supported. I feel that all the professors are very knowledgeable. They're very welcoming. They understand that I work full-time. I have a family and that I'm trying to learn and educate myself. I can juggle my family. I can juggle my full-time work schedule.

"My goals as a nurse: continue to educate myself, continue to evolve, continue to grow. And this MSN Program is just going to put another tool in my belt, so that I can be a better provider, and I can take care of patients better.

“I have talked to other students that go to other programs, and they are baffled by the support that I receive, and they feel like they're on an island, whereas I feel like I'm part of something.

“The knowledge that you get, the experience that you get and the support that you get makes it worth it.

“It inspires me to want to be better, to want to show other people that they can be better too.

“Take that leap. Do it.”