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Campus Experience

Is the on-campus ABSN residency required?

Yes, the on-campus ABSN residency is required for all ABSN students.

What happens during the ABSN 10-day on-campus residency?

During the required 10-day on-campus residency, ABSN students will gain needed clinical experience and hands-on training with feedback from faculty. Learn more about the on-campus residency experience.

Is housing available on campus during the ABSN 10-day residency?

Yes. Rockhurst University welcomes ABSN students to stay on campus and utilize housing and dining services during their stay.

Cost saving benefits include:

  • A private bedroom for each night
  • Pillow and linens included
  • 10 meals in the dining center
  • Free laundry and internet access
  • Community style living and bathrooms

If interested in campus housing, complete an ABSN Residency Housing Application, or contact your enrollment advisor for more information.