“My name is Austin Dye. I'm in the Adult Acute Care Nurse Practitioner Program at Rockhurst University.

“Rockhurst has been very helpful. The fact that this is a complete online self-guided program allows me to work part-time still and do full-time school and you can get all assignments done from Sunday to Sunday in a week, and it's completely self-paced, so it's very helpful and balanced to my schedule.

“And all of the professors here have been very accommodating. They give great feedback on things that you may not fully understand that can help you kind of shape or guide where you need to go.

“So what I like about the on-campus immersion is that you can get through all of these skills and these objectives that you need to do to become a nurse practitioner, but it's streamlined and guided for success. It's very helpful.

“I think once you can better yourself, you can better the people around you. You can create a workforce or a workplace for success and innovation and growth. To be able to work with people on a daily basis is becoming more and more rewarding as I get older - to be able to connect with people and help change their life and make it for the better.”