“My name's Alexus Dieckmann-Dean. I am in the Accelerated Bachelor of Nursing program. My expected graduation date is December 2023.

“I want to go on to becoming a CRNA, a well-rounded nurse. One that is going to be attentive, one that cares, that's empathetic; one that is there to be the voice for the patient, really to be that connection for the patient to have to the doctor.

“I like the way that the classes are set up. The lessons aren't just going through PowerPoints or a recording of a professor in a classroom. It's actually lessons set up to engage you.

“One of the main things that attracted it to me was the small classroom size, and I did like that it was online, and I just like their values.

“When you come to campus you just feel welcomed and it feels like a family.

“And since we're partnered with Saint Luke's™, it definitely helps securing a clinical placement through them so you know you're going to be in good hands. They seem very invested in you as an individual.

“No matter what comes your way or what challenges happen, you can keep going and you can find the strength within yourself as well as knowing that you have a support system, a community that will be there with you, that will help cheer you on. And that what you do impacts the world so much, even if you don't realize it. It makes me want to be the best nurse that I possibly can be.”