“My name's Abbey Clark. I'm in the ABSN program. Graduation date is December of 2023.

“I'm leaning more towards pediatrics. I like the flexibility. I like that you can do bedside or you can be a school nurse. You can work five days a week. You can work three days a week. You can do whatever level of nursing that you want. You can be involved in whatever community you want.

“The flexibility of doing school from home was really just appealing because you just come here for 10 days, do your residency. And I think that everyone's enjoyed getting to know one another and kind of chatting and talking with professors, and, you know, you just feel more relaxed because everyone's in the same boat as you. 

“It is hectic; however, it's really fun. You get to do all the things that you've been talking about all semester. You have these very intelligent professors, and they are giving you all the tools that you need. You do have to use your own delegation of how you do things and what order you want to do it in. However, they provide you supplemental PowerPoints and videos and all of the information that you need.

“I didn't know anybody in the community to find my next clinical placement. They would match you up with your clinicals in your state, and, you know, they just really worked with you. So when Jessica reached out to me a few weeks ago saying she got everything set up for the spring, I was so relieved. So her and her team did wonders getting my placement as quickly as possible.

“If you challenge yourself, you always better yourself, and bettering yourself betters the profession. In turn, that betters the world.

“Future students thinking about enrolling in the ABSN, I will say that it is definitely fast paced so make sure that you're prepared for that. It's a lot of hard work, but it's really worth it.”