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Program Details

How long will it take to complete the online MSN-PMHNP program?

This program is offered as full-time (6 semesters) which will take approximately 2 years to complete or part-time (8 semesters) which will take approximately 2 years and 7 months to complete. 

What are the MSN Immersions?

MSN-FNP, PMHNP and AGACNP students will complete two immersion experiences, one virtual and one on-campus. The on-campus immersions are multi-day experiences based on the program for students to receive clinical instruction and to further hone their skills.

Are the MSN Immersions required?

Yes, the on-campus and virtual immersion sessions for the different MSN programs are required. Learn more about the MSN Immersion experiences.

Are clinical placement services provided?

Yes. A dedicated Rockhurst placement coordinator will work with you to secure a site and preceptor near you. Learn more about our clinical placement services.