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Program Details

Can I apply for the online MSN-Leadership if I live outside of Missouri?

Yes. We are currently accepting applications from a number of states. Please visit our state authorization page to find out whether your state is included.

How long will it take for me to complete the online MSN-Leadership program?

This program can be completed on a full-time basis in 4 semesters or part-time in 6 semesters.

How many start dates does the online MSN-Leadership program have per year?

There are 2 intakes per year: fall and spring.

How many credit hours are required for the online MSN-Leadership program?

This online degree requires 37 credit hours of online coursework and 200 practicum hours to graduate.

Are the MSN-Leadership classes 100% online?

Yes. The didactic coursework is delivered 100% online, and practicum hours are also required.